One of the most powerful apps available to CartX users is Order Bump .

With it, it is possible to offer exclusive offers to your customers directly at checkout , immediately increasing your ROI (Return on Investment) with the sale of extra products.

This application consists of offering complementary products to its customers. When they are directed to the checkout to complete the purchase, a special offer for an additional product will appear .

To configure, go to** Apps** in the left side menu and navigate to Order Bump . When accessing the application, click create and choose any name (your customer will not see this information).

Next, it's time to set up the details. Click Edit . There will be 3 configuration steps.

IMPORTANT : it is necessary to save at each stage so as not to lose progress.


Choose when the offer will be shown to your customer. There are 3 options, Always, Cart total, and Cart Items.

Always available: regardless of the conditions of your customer's cart, the offer will be presented to him
Total in cart: the offer will be displayed depending on the total value of the cart . You should choose as a rule and in value the conditions to be applied.
Items in the cart: the offer will be presented depending on the products in your client's cart. As a rule, you should choose the desired condition and value the product that will activate the special offer.

In the example above, the special offer will be displayed only when the customer's cart has a value greater than R $ 100, regardless of the products chosen.


The next step is to choose which product will be offered .

Just click on the arrow, choose the desired product and configure the special condition of the offer. In other words, what is the discount this product will have if your customer chooses to purchase directly through checkout.


The third and final step is to configure the design of this offer. Enter a title and description as desired.

You have the option of viewing how the offer looks and editing the colors of the design. Click on Edit Design and get a sense of how it will appear to your client.

You can change the colors of the title background, description background, and the color of the checkbox when your customer decides to buy the product.

Take advantage and keep your store’s identity to convert more.


Finally, to activate the offer, just click the middle button, Active .

Remember . If there are two or more offers that match the same cart, they will be offered at the same time to your customer.
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