When you use our One Click Upsell app, it's possible to offer a product to your client after checkout page, smart and automatic.

This offer doesn't generate friction to checkout, because you're client already fulfill his credit card credentials and made the order.

Learn how to configure One Click Upsell

Facebook Pixel may suffer changes with Upsells

When you use Upsell in your store,[Facebook Pixel](https://docs.cartx.io/pt-br/article/configure-o-pixel-do-facebook-1l3zm1s/) may suffer some changes.

When the client is redirected to Upsell page, the default event Purchase and personalized event Purchase CC is fired. After this:

If Upsell offer is refused, no new event is fired.

If Upsell offer is accepted, will be fired a personalize event named, Upsell 1 Purchase.

Trough this personalize event, will be possible to analyze exactly the results of your Upsell offer.

Important information

Using Shopify?
Remember, some orders may took 20-30 minutes to appear in Shopify. This occur, because some clients could close Upsell offer, before go to Thank You page.

How to set special information on offer page?

If you like to make some changes in your offer, like insert your client or product name, you can use some placeholders for this.

Below, you can check all placeholders avaible:

{{first_name}} = First name
{{last_name}} = Last name
{{upsell_product_name}} = Product name
{{upsell_discount_amount}} = Discount value
{{upsell_total_amount}} = Total price

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