All notifications that are sent to customers by email can be managed by accessing Admin and clicking Notifications.

Clients Notifications

To edit notifications, just click on each message and edit the content.

Change the subject and body of the email as desired, saving to finish.

For now, the message should be edited using HTML, however, we intend to implement a more advanced editor in the next updates.

Sales Notifications to staff

It is possible to configure the sending of an email as soon as a sale is made in your store.

To do this, activate the notification, as in the image below.

Discount code on notifications

The abandoned cart emails have a powerful functionality.

You can add discount coupons automatically to emails. This means that when your customer receives the email for an abandoned cart and clicks to complete the purchase, he will have a discount automatically added to the checkout amount, further encouraging the completion of the purchase.

To set up is very simple, just create a discount (we teach better in this other article) and add it to the abandoned cart email, as in the image below.

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