Cartx Plans

Currently, 4 plans are available, which are valid for our complete platform and for using only transparent checkout in Shopify stores.

Their respective monthly and transaction fee are:

Light: R$0,00 + 2,5%

Starter: R$97 + 2%

Premium: R$397 + 1%

Enterprise: R$1.297 + 0,5%

Credit Card

To sell normally through CartX, it is necessary to choose one of the plans above.

At the time of choice, a credit card is requested. All amounts referring to CartX will be charged on this card, which can be changed at any time.

It is essential be a valid card with a limit available for monthly fees and transaction fees.

All CartX charges are made through PagBrasil, a national company of extreme confidence and excellent track record in the market. Even all data related to charges are stored directly with them, no credit card data is stored in our database, maintaining greater security and transparency with our customers.


Charges are executed on two different dates.

The monthly fee is charged directly when choosing the plan, with the next invoices coming exactly one month after this initial date.

Transaction fees are charged weekly, always on Mondays. Therefore, all sales of your store are accumulated charged at once on Mondays, directly to the registered card.

If desired, you can download a .csv file with all fees charged in detail, with the respective order number and corresponding amount. For that,

Late Payment

After the first failed charge attempt, 7 days will be granted until the situation is settled.

If the pending amounts are not paid within this period, your dashboard will be blocked in the first moment, until the payment of the amounts in the charge section.

If they are not paid after 15 days since the first attempt to charge, the checkout will be disabled automatically.

Our team is available in case of any doubts. We value transparency and, if any amount is charged improperly, we will analyze it immediately and make a refund without any customer being harmed.
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