It's possible to add a chat from JivoChat on your store to talk to your customers, on our full platform or just for those who use our checkout integrated with other platforms.

First of all, go to apps list, inside CartX dashboard and find JivoChat.

You will need to fill all the informations requested. If you don't have an account on JivoChat, you will be able to register.

The email and password must be the same used to access JivoChat**. This is important to work correctly.

At the end, you can choose where the chat will be added, in all pages, just on online store or just on checkout.

After sending all informations, just press to install it.

If you need to change JivoChat exhibition or to disable it to add another account, you can do it whenever you want.

The button Open app will redirect you to the JivoChat account.
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