With Google Analytics you can follow your conversions on checkout and check the details of your traffic and check the behavior of your clients. All of this can be tracked in real time with precise informations.

Finding your Tracking ID on Google Analytics

Access the homepage of Google Analytics, click in Admin and then in tab Property, go to Tracking Info, as image below.

Configuring in CartX

Now you just have to copy the Tracking ID in the beginning of the page. This number should be inserted in CartX Dashboard.

Go to Online Store and Settings, as image below.

After insert the code, will show two new options: "Activate E-commerce" e "Ativar comércio eletrônico melhorado", you need to check this option if you like to active the tracking conversion of your checkout.

After this, just click on Save at the bottom of the page and Google Analytics will be live in your checkout.
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