Do you have any questions about CartX? Then you came to the right place.

We selected some of the most commonly asked questions and we're going to answer them in this post. We hope this helps!

Checkout CartX on Shopify stores

Is it possible to use CartX checkout in Shopify stores?

Yes, you can use only our 1-page transparent checkout on Shopify if you'd like. To learn how to setup this integration, click here.

Is there any chance your app is blocked by Shopify?

Currently our instalation process requires each user to create their own private app inside their store, which is fine by Shopify's rules and shouldn't cause any issue.

I already have a domain on Shopify, how do I set it up on my CartX checkout?

You can't have the same domain for Shopify and CartX at the same time. However, it's possible to create a subdomain and use it on CartX.

We have a tutorial teaching you how to do this, check here.

"Buy Now" button (Buy Button)

If you're using our checkout on Shopify you must disable the Buy Now button in your store. CartX is not compatible with it, due to every single theme having a different way of generating this button.

Is it possible to import my Shopify theme to CartX?

That is not possible. Due to the countless differences between each theme, we can't import them in a consistent manner. Themes could be imported in a very broken state to the CartX shop. Currently we have 4 themes with more to come.

Do I have to pay transaction fees for both Shopify and CartX?

Ao utilizar nosso checkout em uma loja Shopify, não serão mais cobradas as taxas de transação da Shopify, apenas do CartX. Desta forma, você pagará apenas a mensalidade da Shopify para manutenção de sua loja. Dependendo do plano CartX escolhido, existirão ou não mensalidades também.

General questions about CartX

Posso fazer dropshipping na CartX?

Sim, poderá gerenciar sua operação de dropshipping através de nossa integração com o Go Nimble — que é gratuito para clientes CartX — além de ter acesso as nossas poderosas ferramentas gratuitas para disparar o seu negócio.

Can I use landing pages with CartX checkout?

Yes, it's fully compatible. We have two ways of doing this:

Take your customers directly to checkout
Create a Buy Button

What about abandoned carts?

Cart recovery can be done natively in our own platform. You can also use third-party apps such as Klaviyo.

Are my Facebook pixels working?

We have a very straightforward integration with Facebook Pixel, all you need to do is paste the pixel code and you're done. However, these event triggers by Facebook aren't 100% accurate. If you still have any doubts, this might help you.

How do I pay CartX's fees?

Every Monday we charge the credit card you set up with the amount related to the sales from the week before.

How can I create product bundles?
You can easily create product bundles or a direct link to checkout with previously applied discount using our app Link Bundler.
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