Facebook Pixel allows you to follow the conversion in your checkout of specifics events.

It's essential for who's running ads via Facebook, because it allows you to know how your clients are interacting to your store and understand better your results.

Setting Up Pixel - Default

To setup default pixel, you just need to access Settings inside Online Store in left menu.

Get down until you find Facebook Pixel. Default method will be selected already, you just need to put your Facebook Pixel number, as image below:

You can easilly add more then one pixel at the same time, just click in + in the right side to add how many pixels you want.

Setting Up Pixel - API

Pixel by API offer more precise datas in event, although, the configuration is a little bit different.

To configure using API method, follow the steps in the video below:

How does Pixel work with Upsell?

When a Upsell is activated, pixels in your checkout suffer a little change.

In orders maded with credit card, when your client is redirected to Upsell page, the event Purchase and the Custom Event Purchase CC are fired. After this:

If the Upsell offer is refused, none events will be fired.

If the Upsell offer is accepted, will be fired a new Custom Event, called Upsell 1 Purchase.

Through this Custom Event, will be possible to analyze exaclty your results from a Upsell offer.

Investigatint your Facebook Pixel

Wanna guarantee that your pixel is working normally?
You can use a Chrome extension called Facebook Pixel Helper, or you can also check our video below to test your pixel directly from your Facebook account.

Common Questions

1) It isn't showing all purchases in my Facebook.

Facebook show your events with a margin of error from 15% to 30%. This is absolutely normal. We recommend to use a tracker to analyze your metrics perfectly.

2) My pixel didn't fired, it's yellow.

You need to click in the event and check what it says. 95% of the cases will be a message like: 'This pixel is not paired with any product catalog'. In this case, your event was fireed, but Facebook didn't find any catalog of your products. You can choose to create this catalog or not.

3) I tested my pixel in my checkout and didn't show on Facebook.

The events will only show in your ads campaign for users who clicked in your ads. If anyone come from outside Facebook, the event won't show in your ads campaign.
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