You can give your customers discounts on their orders placed in our checkout.

Currently there are two methods available:

Coupon codes
Automatic discounts

Coupon codes

First of all, you need to activate the discount field in Checkout Settings so your customer can see this on checkout. If you don't know where to do this, just activate the first option on this page.

Then you need to create a coupon code clicking here.

Start by typing the coupon code. This is the code your customer will type to activate the discount when they're placing the order.

Then you need to choose the discount type:

Percentage -
Fixed amount -
Free Shipping - this applies to any shipping method regardless of the one that's been chosen
Buy X, get Y - you need to choose a specific product or collection to apply this

The product received as a bonus must be on the cart as well.
therefore, if you setup Buy 1 shirt and get 1 cap, your customer needs to add both the shirt and the cap to get the discount.

Next you need to chose whether the coupon applies to all orders, a collection or specific products.

You can also choose the minimum quantity of items or order value required to apply the coupon.

There's also an option to limit the coupon to X uses, by number of times uses in general or by each customer.

And lastly, you can also set a start and end date for the coupon.

Automatic discounts

You can only have one automatic discount active at a time.

This discount, once setup, will be shown to the customer both on the cart page as well as on checkout, this works for the CartX store and also Shopify checkout integration.

Setting up an automatic discount is almost identical to the coupon mthod.

You need to choose a name for this discount. This name will be shown on checkout if you have the "Show coupon code" option enabled.

Now choose the discount type.

For percentage or fixed amounts, you have to determine a condition, whether it is for the entire order, products or specific collections.

And if you choose buy X, get Y, you need to determine a product or specific collection for your customer to buy and another one to get as a bonus.

Reminder: the bonus product must be in the cart to apply the discount properly.
therefore, if you setup Buy 1 shirt and get 1 cap, your customer needs to add both the shirt and the cap to get the discount.
As you can see in the following images, the discount is applied once the determined conditions are met.

PS: you can only have one automatic discount at a time.
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