You can use the CartX checkout at WooCommerce stores . Any product created or edited within WooCommerce, will also be changed within Cartx.

In addition, all orders generated through the CartX checkout when connected to WooCommerce, will be sent and synchronized between the two platforms.

To activate CartX checkout at WooCommerce stores, two steps are required: importing the products into CartX and installing the Plugin .


Importing products into CartX

It is essential to import all products for the checkout to work normally.

To perform the import, check out this exclusive tutorial on how to create an API Key and import products.

Plugin Installation

To install the plugin, go to Plugins > Add New . Then search for CartX Checkout or click here.

Just install and activate then.

Enabling and disabling checkout

If you want to disable or activate checkout in your store, access this direct link to the CartX dashboard.

The first option on the right activates the checkout, while the second option allows your customer to skip the cart and go straight to the checkout.
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