For those who are not yet ready to fully migrate to CartX , you can only use our transparent 1-page checkout inside your Shopify store.

And you know whats is better? All your orders and products will be synchronized on the CartX platform.

This means that when it comes time to say goodbye to Shopify completely, it will be quite easy to migrate the rest of your store.

To have the CartX checkout registered in a Shopify store, you must first register on our platform.

Installing the CartX checkout

Full video tutorial available below:


Then proceed with the instructions on the screen

Finishing the installation, don't forget to remove alternative checkouts to avoid conflicts

Setting up your own domain

It is essential to inform that it is NOT allowed to use a subdomain that comes to understand that it belongs to another company, other than yours. For example:, and etc. This type of domain will be instantly blocked.

The domain is an optional step, but it can certainly help with your conversions.

See below how to place as many customizable domains as you want.


Important : If you use Hostinger as a provider, by default they create CAA records in your domain settings that end up generating conflict with our integration.

You must enter the Hostinger platform and remove all CAA records.

Once removed, 2 new ones need to be created:
name: @ content: 0 issue ""
name: @ content: 0 issuewild ""

Sending notifications through Shopify and not CartX

For those who wish, it is possible to disable the sending of purchase notifications through CartX and activate through Shopify.

To make this change, just leave the third button active within the CartX + Shopify app , as in the image below:

Removing AJAX cart and "Buy Now" button

For CartX to work properly, it is important to remove the Buy Now button and disable the cart via AJAX .

We have prepared exclusive videos for each of these features. Check out:

Buy Now button
Cart by AJAX

"Hiding" your CartX virtual store

To ensure that your customer does not end up entering your CartX online store and buying products from there, follow the tutorial below:

Modifying your CartX store home page and changing the "Continue Shopping" button redirection

All necessary permissions in the private APP list

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