With CartX , you can generate personalized buttons that take your customers directly to checkout , regardless if that button will be along the product description in your CartX store or in an external service such as Landing Pages, Blogs, etc.

To create, it is very simple. Access the Buy Button page through the left side menu in your account. Click Add Buy Button at the top right, define a title, select the product that will appear on the button and then click create

That done, on the application's home page, you can customize the Buy Button or generate its code.


It is possible to change some details of the Buy Button such as:

Selection method of variants;
Size, color and shape of the purchase button;

The editing page is simple and similar to the theme customization.

Generate code

When you click Generate Code , a window will open for you to copy the button script. With that, you can add it on any page for your customer to click and be sent directly to the checkout page to finalize the purchase.

The checkout link generated by the Buy Button will be based on your store's primary domain , configure here . So, if you have your own domain, just keep it as the primary domain and the link will be generated correctly.
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