CartX has its own app to built and generate customizable reports, called Advanced Export.

While accessing the app inside CartX dashboard, the first step will be the addition of a report, pressing the button on the top right corner.

To create the report, you first need to choose the type between Orders, Products and Customers.

Then, on the condition section, you would choose the filter for your report. If you don't want any filter, just select the field total amount as bigger than 1.

On the right side, choose a name for this report and decide if it will be saved as .xls or .csv

Going down, the next section will allow you to choose which columns you want to add on your report. The arrow to the right adds the selected column and the arrow to the left removes it from the report.

And at the end of the page, you can choose the column sequence, just dragging and droping.

You can decide if you are going to save the report pressing to save or just download it, it's up to you.

If you decide to save it, then you will be able to easilly download with just 1 click or then edit it again if necessary.

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