It is essential to reinforce that it is NOT allowed to use a subdomain that can be understood that it belongs to another company, other than yours. For example:, and etc. This type of domain will be instantly blocked without the right to contest.

To use your own domain you need to add two records in your DNS host settings:

== Record 1
Type: A
Host: @

== Record 2
Host: www

Let's say that the name of your site is Clothes For Cats, you can point to different types of domains, such as:;, or Each method has a slightly different mode.

Although our guide is based on Cloudflare images, these instructions are valid for virtually all domain providers, such as Namecheap , Godaddy , Name , among others.

Watch the video explanation

Important : If you use Hostinger as a provider, by default they create CAA records in your domain settings that end up generating conflict with our integration.

You must enter the Hostinger platform and remove all CAA records.

Once removed, 2 new ones need to be created:
name: @ content: 0 issue ""
name: @ content: 0 issuewild ""

For domains like,

Log in to your host account (Namecheap, Cloudflare) and go to the DNS settings

If there are old records, remove them. Don't forget to remove the root (@ or and ( if your site is being redirected to a place other than CartX.

Add the new records following this template:

Registration Type: with Host: @ pointing to the address: of CartX
Record Type: CNAME with Host: www pointing to:

You can use this tool to confirm that the records have been updated.

Note : If your domain is Cloudflare you need to turn off the proxy (click on the orange cloud)

For store-type

Log in to your host account (Namecheap, Cloudflare) and go to the DNS settings

If there are old records, remove them completely.

Add the new record following this template:

Record Type: CNAME with Host store pointing to

After completing these steps

After adding your domain you need to set it as the primary domain (the domain that your visitors will see when they enter your site). To do this, click on "Change primary domain".

Can't access your site?

If you are having difficulty accessing your site after changing the domain, send a printscreen reporting the error to our support and we will help you with that.

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