CartX has an automated cart recovery system in which we send e-mails to your potential customers.

Right after they fill any field on checkout, we capture that information and use it to provide a recovery link.

Upon clicking that link, the customer will be taken to checkout with everything they had previosly field and the products they had selected.

You can setup the automated messages through our Notification settings in the dashboard.

You can also manually check all abandoned carts in your store if you want to take another approach.

To do that, go to the sidepanel in Orders and then Abandoned Carts

As you may notice, each abandoned cart has the checkout session number, date, e-mail notification status and also cart recovery status.

If the notification e-mail has been sent, the status will be set to Sent. If your customer places the order using that link, the cart recovery status will be changed to Recovered.

Upon clicking the checkout number you'll be taken to a page where you can see more details about that checkout session, including products, price, customer information and anything they might have typed (excluding payment info)

If you'd like to send the recovery link using another tool or communication app, you can copy the link directly at the top of the page, right below the checkout number.
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